The Cops 'n' Kids Reading Room Easton is located in the basement of the Easton Area Community Center


The Reading Room welcomes kids at regular weekly hours as well as for special Reading Room Events that can be found on the monthly program flyer.


Thursdays 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

1st & 3rd Saturdays 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Reading Room opened to the general public in June 2011, with our mission “to connect kids and community through literacy” and our belief that “every child is a story yet to be told.”

Over 80,000 books have been handed out to children in our community to this day!

The Cops ’n’ Kids mission is “connecting kids and community through literacy.” The program accomplishes this by

  • Ensuring that every child has access, in his or her home, to books and the knowledge inspiration and hope that such access can provide.
  • Encouraging positive relationships between the children and the police.
  • Inspiring creative learning and awareness for children and families by providing meaningful literacy-based experiences.

Having embraced the term “Freadom” in the Reading Room, Cops ’n’ Kids of Easton seeks to give all children the access to books and reading opportunities that will provide them with the ability to be free – free to be, to imagine possibilities, to understand themselves and the world around them and to determine their role in it. Judith’s passion is realized in the opportunity to connect others in the community who share this passion for reading and recognize its importance in our children’s lives and their future.


Cops ’n’ Kids of Easton Director


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